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Published: October 5, 2018      Updated: February 27, 2019


Band songs for Music Festival 2019 at bottom of page



Welcome to Music...!

I have been with APCS since January of 2014 and
it is a sincere honor and privilege to be the Music Director here at APCS.


2017-2018 school year music classes
PreK-K:  Introduction to Music
1st-2nd Graders: Pre-Band
3rd-4th Graders: Beginning Band
5th-8th Graders: Advanced Band or Chimes
6th Graders through Adult: 

The Pisgah Concert Band
I am the Music Director and Conductor for this band and Ed Pelto, of Mount Pisgah Academy is the Assistant Director.  In September 2016, I along with Asheville Pisgah Christian School and Mount Pisgah Academy started a joint venture called the Pisgah Concert Band.  This Band is open to anyone from grade 6 through adult who has a working knowledge of a concert band instrument. Students of Mount Pisgah Academy can earn school credit for participating in this band...!  Full band rehearsals will be on Thursday evenings this school year from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  Those taking this band for MPA will also have small rehearsals weekly on Tuesday evenings with Mr. Pelto.

Please consider playing with us.  We would love to have you...!  For more information, please contact APCS, Ed Pelto or myself, or visit our website at:  http://jackitatsch.wixsite.com/pisgahconcertband  

The Pisgah Concert Band (a.k.a. PCB ) is also on FaceBook...!  
Check out this page for most up to date information, notes and announcements.
We would love for you to "Like" us. https://www.facebook.com/PisgahConcertBand

Private Music Lessons Available
To be of service and to help students further improve their music training, I teach private music lessons at APCS after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays as those are the school music days.  If you are a student at APCS, I offer my services at 50% off my published rates when you take lessons from me at the school on a day that I am already there. The time slots available will be filled first with returning private students and then filled with new students on a first-come-first-served basis.  If I have more new students than spaces available, I will start a waiting list.  When I have at least 4 potential private students on the waiting list I will open Monday and fill the spots in the order they were placed on the waiting list.  Lessons on that additional day will be at 25% off my published rates. 

For more information on my private instruction, please visit: 

Mount Pisgah Academy Piano Coach
Did you know...? I am also the piano coach at Mount Pisgah Academy and have a studio space there as well.  Woo Hoo...!

Love music and on FaceBook...?
My music teacher FaceBook page is where I post tips, ideas, helpful hints and other music or performance related items of interest. 
Please find me at:  https://www.facebook.com/JackiTatschMusic/

Looking forward to another awesome school year....! 
If you have any questions, know I am here for you.

~ Jacki L. Tatsch
APCS Music Director


Music Festival Songs (BAND)

    Destined to Fly - William Owens

Click Here to Listen
This moving work pays tribute to a cherished young man tragically taken away. Tranquil and flowing, the music paints a vivid picture of a free spirit who dared to dream big and explore the unknown. For ensembles aspiring to musical maturity, this is a serious piece of expressive and emotional content.

Land of Enchantment - Timothy Loest

Click Here to Listen

Embark on an epic journey to a strange and mystical land filled with modal moods, colorful orchestration, and heroic themes. The meditative opening yields to a fast-paced theme that weaves through several tonal centers. A magical work filled with wonder and imagination.

Abandoned Treasure Hunt - Rob Grice

Click Here to Listen

This exciting new work captures the thrill of a treasure hunt and the mystery of the seas.  A beginning lyrical statement represents the abandoned island.  Our treasure hunt then begins with driving rhythms and dynamic effects.  Filled with musicality and excitement, it's fun and educational for all!

Acclaim - Rob Grice

Click Here to Listen

This is truly exceptional writing for bands at this grade level. Exciting and musically appealing, it's particularly suitable for festival or concert performances, carefully scored and written to bring out the best qualities of young bands. The energetic rhythms and uplifting themes celebrate the musical journey that students and teachers take part in to create memorable and inspiring performances.