Kimberly Sills - Math

Published: September 19, 2017      Updated: June 23, 2020



     Mrs. Sills and her family moved Asheville 4 years ago and they love living in the mountains of WNC!  Kimberly is married to Mike Sills who works at Intel Corporation.  They have 2 children and a dog.  Connor is in 8th grade at Cane Creek Middle school.  He loves to play soccer, skiing and is currently working on his Eagle Rank with the Boy Scouts.  McKenzie is in the 7th grade at Hanger Hall and also loves soccer, skiing, and  rock climbing.  Lucy, the dog, is a 15 year old Vizsla and loves having her ears rubbed, treats, and long car rides.  

     Mrs. Sills heard about the APCS teaching opportunity through her adviser at UNC - Asheville and met Mrs. Miller and members of the teaching team the next day.   She was thrilled to get the offer to teach math and enjoys every moment with the precious students.  Before moving to Asheville, Mrs. Sills was the Director for University Programs for Intel Corporation.  In this role, she was able to work with top universities around the globe on curriculum and student programs.  In addition to her teaching degree, Mrs. Sills has a degree in Engineering from Clemson, an MPH from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from the University of Washington.  

     In addition to working with APCS, Mrs. Sills substitutes with the Buncombe County schools and  the Franklin School of Innovation.  This gives her a great perspective on what these schools are teaching and she supplements her teaching with curriculum requirements from state.  Having this insight into many middle schools in the country, Mrs.Sills has come to appreciate how well the APCS students are prepared for math and amazed by the number sense and ability of each student to do math in their head or without grabbing a calculator right away.  Recently, we had a lesson on how people can use graphs to tell their side of the story and the students were able to quickly looks at the graphs and begin to tell where there is bias in the information.  It is so much fun to put really challenging brain teasers in front of the students and watch them work together to reason through and solve the problems.  Mrs. Sills would love to see the critical thinking skills of her students to continue to grow as they progress through their academic career and into life settings.  

     When Mrs. Sills is not a APCS, she can be found chasing her children and enjoying the many sports with them.  Although not a terrific soccer player, she does enjoy rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and hiking in WNC.  This past year, Mrs. Sills coached a unicycle club at each of her childrens' schools and even learned to ride a unicycle herself.