Shari Bellchambers - PreK

Published: July 29, 2019      Updated: June 30, 2020


1.What will you be doing at APCS? 

I am the preschool teacher! I will be teaching fun and wonderful things to your 4 years olds. :)

2. Tell us about you!

I am a wife, a mom of two beautiful girls, a grami to one little baby girl, a teacher, a former gymnast, a former Acro coach, a lover of God, animals, reading, camping, walking, friendships and Hallmark. :)

3. Tell us about your family 

I am married to a wonderful man named Bruce who works as the History teacher at Mount Pisgah Academy. We have two lovely grown daughters. Brittany is an 8th grade teacher in the Berrien Springs SDA Elementary school in Michigan. She just gave birth to our first grandbaby April 24! Yes! We are excited! Allie, our second daughter, is a Physician Assistant at a hospital just over the border in Indiana. 

4. How did you get connected with APCS? 

I have been teaching at Mount Pisgah Academy for the last 4 years. Until last year I was teaching Earth Science, ESL and Sophomore English.  I still am teaching English to the sophomores. Because I work right next door to the elementary school, I have known about it ever since we moved here 4 years ago.

5. What preparation did you have for your role at APCS?

I have taught many classes in elementary through my years. I have a degree in elementary that is K-9. I also taught Preschool for 2 years along with 14 years of Kindergarten S.S., not to mention summer camp counselor for a couple summers, gymnastic coach to little ones when I was in college, and raising two children of my own. :)

6. What do I hope for APCS? 

I hope that when our children graduate from this school that they have met Jesus in every teacher’s smile, in every book they read, in every movie they watched, in every game they played. I hope that they leave as strong little pillars who raise the banner high as they move into a different arena of education. 

7. What do you do when you are not at APCS teaching? 

When I am not teaching, I am doing lots of different things. I will be working on lesson plans, cooking good food, visiting friends, camping or taking walks in the beautiful mountains we live in. I like to volunteer to work in the Sunrise kitchen feeding the homeless, and I help at our church whenever I can. I also like to travel to see my family, or to go to Gatlinburg (one of my favorite places).

8. What are your hobbies?

I just learned a new type of art called needle felting, and I have a good time with that on cold winter nights. I also like to draw, and learn new Spanish words.

9. What is your favorite Bible Verse? 

How does one have a favorite Bible verse?? Each one is special for different times in life. I’ll just tell you ONE of my favorites (there are TONS of them!)

Phil 4:-7 says: “Do not worry about anything. Instead, in every situation, by prayer, supplication and thanksgiving make your request known to God. And the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.”