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Published: August 22, 2017      Updated: May 16, 2024



Thank you for considering Asheville Pisgah Christian School!

One of the questions we will ask this year is “Why do you want to be at APCS?”  We believe that APCS is here for a reason.  We have a wonderful and unique school with amazing, dedicated teachers.  We want our students to realize that they are blessed to be here, and that we are blessed to have them.  We will ask our students to demonstrate that they are aware that it is a privilege to be at APCS and that they are a crucial part of making APCS a better place.

Students and parents demonstrate this through:

  • Attendance - being present in the classroom, on time, in uniform.
  • Academics - progressing toward expected academic goals.  APCS is a preparatory school - each year getting our students ready for academic success in the next grade, and then for high school and college.  
  • Engagement - participating in the unique activities that APCS offers like field trips, concerts and festivals.
  • Devotion - appreciating the Christian principles APCS is founded on.  We want our students to be learning, growing and shining as we follow the example of Jesus.

If you feel this is an experience your student could be a part of, please reach out to us through an Inquiry.  We will let you know if we have space available and are open for you to come tour and interview.

Thank you -

2024/2025 Registration,Tuition and Fees

2024/2025 School Calendar


Before and After Care Policy

We are making a change to the operations of our before and after care policies and procedures. Beginning August 15, 2023, you need to be enrolled in both services on a monthly basis. The monthly fee for usage for before and/or aftercare is $100 per child. You need to be enrolled by the last school day of every month to participate in before or after care for the upcoming month. If you're not enrolled, your child will not be allowed to attend before or after care. For back to school next week you will need to enroll by Friday August 18th. If you use the services the first week of school you will be automatically enrolled for August and billed the $100 per child for the month. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to align our policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of security and safety for our children here at APCS. 


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May 14 - Tuesday night Spring Concert 
        7:00 PM, MPA church
May 16, Last Day of School.  Noon Dismissal.
    K graduation at 8:30 am at MPASDA Church
    8th grade graduation at 7:00 pm at MPASDA Church.
August 8 2024/25 Open House. 
August 12 2024/25  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 
December 20 Half Day for Christmas Break
January 6 School Resumes


Christmas Concert       liveStream link


After care  closes at 5:00 pm M-T, and 4:00 pm on Friday. Half Days 3:00 pm.

Online Book Fair Website:



Tuesday April 23rd: 

  • Creamy Cavatappi
    California Blend

Wednesday April 24th:

  • Pizza and Salad

Thursday April 25th:

  • Two Bean burritos with chips and nacho cheese


School Code is APCS

Spirit Days 2023/24










 Twin day


 Color by class


 Tie Dye day


 Whole day/ Beach/Hawaiian day


new student supply list:

2023/2024 Student Supply List