Published: August 22, 2017      Updated: June 12, 2020


Hello APCS Family -

I have been reading about Sea World opening back up this week.  And the plans to let people back into Disney World in the next few weeks.  As there are massive behind-the-scenes work to get ready, this statement has been published.  

"Although the experience upon reopening will be altered, we believe Disney will do everything they can to keep the magic alive while keeping all visiting guests and cast safe!"

This statement has intrigued me since I read it.  "...everything they can do to keep the magic alive..."  When I think of this magic I think of the wonder and joy and marvel that children have the capacity to experience.  How exciting and how possible and how new everything is.

Like the first day of school.  New pencils, new backpacks, a new classroom, new friends.  I can remember being so excited about what I was going to learn.  And wondering what great experiences the new year would hold for me.

The last few months have put a big dent in our sense of magic.  We have felt fear, anger, loss and confusion.  This has traded our energy for exhaustion.  And our peace for worry.  One school specialist writes that we have all been through crisis. And as we have all been trying to manage stress and anxiety we have been left drained.

On my desk I have a stack of articles about school safety in the time of Covid.  One tells me how to place desks in classrooms for optimal distancing in when school starts in August. Another talks about the best cleaning products and how to optimize ventilation in the classrooms.  Yet another discusses safe recess practices.  These are good articles but they aren’t fun. As I read them I keep thinking about the Disney quote.

"Although the experience upon reopening will be altered, APCS will do everything we can to keep the magic alive while keeping your children safe!"

We will position desks safely and in interesting ways!

We will come up with fun and safe recess alternatives!

If we can’t have chapel and lunch in the multipurpose room we will find ways to make classroom lunch and chapel special!

Our Kids Camp team is doing the same things.  As they follow Phase Two guidelines, they are looking for ways to bring joy to kids while relieving working parents’ stress.  If we have to wear masks indoors, then let's make fun, personalized masks in craft time.  If we have to be six feet a part, then let’s see how many water balloons we can throw from six feet.  Let’s reframe our challenges so that our kids can keep their magic.

We will find ways to be safe and follow the new guidelines without being scary.  We want our students to still be excited to see their friends, to see what their classroom looks like, to open their brand new books, to play and learn and be filled with joy and wonder.  We will keep the magic!

That is what we all need!  Psalm 40:5 reminds us Many, Lord my God, are the wonders You have done, the things You planned for us. None can compare with You; were I to speak and tell of Your deeds, they would be too many to declare.” 

Happy and safe summer APCS family

Erin Miller
APCS Principal


Click on our link above to get all the information.  Join us for this FUN, Safe summer experience.



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