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Published: April 18, 2018      Updated: May 6, 2024


Thank you for considering Asheville Pisgah Christian School!

One of the questions we will ask this year is “Why do you want to be at APCS?”  We believe that APCS is here for a reason.  We have a wonderful and unique school with amazing, dedicated teachers.  We want our students to realize that they are blessed to be here, and that we are blessed to have them.  We will ask our students to demonstrate that they are aware that it is a privilege to be at APCS and that they are a crucial part of making APCS a better place.

Students and parents demonstrate this through:

  • Attendance - being present in the classroom, on time, in uniform.
  • Academics - progressing toward expected academic goals.  APCS is a preparatory school - each year getting our students ready for academic success in the next grade, and then for high school and college.  
  • Engagement - participating in the unique activities that APCS offers like field trips, concerts and festivals.
  • Devotion - appreciating the Christian principles APCS is founded on.  We want our students to be learning, growing and shining as we follow the example of Jesus.

If you feel this is an experience your student could be a part of, please reach out to us through an Inquiry.  We will let you know if we have space available and are open for you to come tour and interview.

Thank you -

Erin Miller, Principal


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